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  The Traumatic Brain Injury Newsletter is an important resource that explains many aspects of traumatic brain injury (TBI): its causes, effects, symptoms, available treatments, etc. It is intended for individuals who have suffered or know someone who has suffered from traumatic brain injury and wish to learn more.

Traumatic Brain Injury...

is a somewhat general term that refers to any accident that causes damage to the functioning of the brain. This can occur from a traumatic event that causes the head to be struck with force, the head to strike an object, and/or the brain to move within the skull without causing visual trauma to the exterior of the head (as occurs with violent shaking).

While traumatic brain injuries often result in non-fatal, life-altering injuries, it is often the cause of death for those involved in serious accidents.

"Assessing Brain Injury Damage Can Be Difficult"

It can be very difficult to immediately evaluate and determine the amount of damage suffered in a brain injury. Every year, nearly 2 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury, resulting in 52,000 deaths. The impact brain injuries can have varies from mild to deadly but can be tough to ascertain the level of damage. Read Full Article....

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