Causes of migraine and Polygot for its elimination

It is very likely that migraine is not related to intracranial and arterial pressure, and is not caused by tumors and trauma, and is not a consequence of mental stress. Therefore, it is necessary to know what medications can help. For example, Polygot is a combination drug that includes ergotamine and caffeine. They help relieve headaches and slightly increase blood pressure.

Causes and triggers of migraine

Causes of migraine and Polygot for its elimination

Fortunately, the accumulated experience of many centuries of observation of migraine patients has made it possible to identify what usually precedes a wave of pain. The main triggers (“triggers”) of migraine are generally known:

  • Neurological factors. Leading to a migraine attack are stress, fatigue, severe anxiety.
  • Nutritional factors. We have already mentioned alcohol. And the leader in this sad competition is not vodka, but sparkling wines, champagne, cider. That is, drinks containing gas, which accelerates the absorption of alcohol. Can lead to a seizure and the consumption of a number of foods, among them – nuts, chocolate, cheese, fish.
  • Hormonal drugs. Often migraine attacks are accompanied by taking hormonal contraceptives.
  • Sleep disorders. It does not matter whether the disorder is expressed in a lack of sleep or in its excess.
  • External factors. Changes in weather and fluctuations in atmospheric pressure can provoke an attack. A trip to a different climatic zone.
Causes of migraine and Polygot for its elimination

If you are prone to migraine attacks, be sure to take into account the latter factor when planning long trips and travels. You must agree that it is a shame to spend the whole vacation with a headache. Polygot will help you cope with it. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, mainly the cerebral cortex, respiratory and vasomotor centers. It increases mental and physical performance, reduces sleepiness and fatigue. It has a pronounced cardiotonic effect: it increases strength and heart rate, increases blood pressure in hypotension. Ergotamine has a vasoconstrictor effect. Caffeine accelerates absorption of ergotamine.

Pharmacokinetics. After oral administration, about 62% of ergotamine is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Maximum plasma concentrations are achieved 2 hours after oral administration. Binding to plasma proteins is 98%. Ergotamine is metabolized in the liver to form pharmacologically active metabolites. Ergotamine is eliminated mainly with bile both unchanged and as metabolites. Excretion is biphasic, with half-lives of 2.7 hours and 21 hours for I and II phases, respectively. After oral administration, caffeine is absorbed quickly and almost completely. Binding with plasma proteins is 35%. Caffeine is almost completely metabolized in the body. Metabolites are excreted mainly with urine. The elimination half-life is about 3.5 hours.

How to take, the course of treatment and dosage. 1 or 2 tablets at a time of headache and then 1 tablet 2-3 times a day for several days. The maximum single dose is 2 tablets, the daily dose is 4 tablets. It is not recommended to use for a long time (to avoid ergotism): after 7 days of use in cases requiring longer treatment, take a break (for 3-4 days).