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The Traumatic Brain Injury Newsletter is an important resource that explains many aspects of traumatic brain injury (TBI): its causes, effects, symptoms, available treatments, etc. It is intended for individuals who have suffered or know someone who has suffered from traumatic brain injury and wish to learn more.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) FAQ's

What does an orthopedic trauma surgeon do?

Dr. Denis Slinkin Dr. Denis Slinkin states: If a person has broken a leg or finger, the doctor examines the site of the injury, prescribes an X-ray, which shows the fracture in all details. Then he corrects the fracture (gives the bones the right position) and applies a cast. If necessary, performs the operation.

Another option is an incorrectly conjoined fracture or changes in the bones due to painful processes in the body. In this case, a reconstructive treatment is performed. For example, as a result of flat feet, so-called bumps are formed at the base of the thumbs (in fact, it is nothing but deformed joints). The problem is solved by corrective surgery.

Modern orthopaedic traumotolgiologists are able to cope with very complex injuries and diseases that not long ago seemed hopeless and incurable. For example, they can completely replace a joint affected by arthritis, as Dr. Denis Slinkin says.

Denis Slinkin

In general, traumatology and orthopedics is a high-tech profession. New discoveries, achievements of chemists, engineers, bioengineers are moving forward traumatology with orthopedics. New technologies of bone-bonding, methods of arthroscopy (operations on the joint through small incisions), drugs, etc.. - All of them make it possible to speed up the treatment process many times.

One day, doctors will be able to restore lost limbs, and this will be a new era in human history.


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